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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are well aware that California is suffering from a drought.

The biggest rainstorm in years slamed into California during the Winter of 2015, some are wondering how much it will mitigate California's epic drought. The rain will definitely help. But by any measure, the drought is far from over.

California has only enough water in storage for the next 12 to 18 months. Maybe it's time to make the switch, do your part to conserve, and have a beautiful lawn in the process.

The average American household uses 320 gallons of water per day, about 30 percent of which is devoted to outdoor uses. More than half of that outdoor water is used for watering lawns and gardens. Nationwide, landscape irrigation is estimated to account for nearly one-third of all residential water use, totaling nearly 9 billion gallons per day.

Another way to explain water waste...
The average homeowner in Southern California can save up to $2,000 per year on their water and landscaping bills by switching to an Artificial Turf lawn! The average grass sod lawn can use as much as 20,000 gallons of water per year! In contrast, the average person drinks only 15,000 gallons of water in his/her lifetime!


You’ve heard all the hype about Artificial Grass from you’ll save water and money, to synthetic grass being eco-friendly. But how exactly is this turf eco-friendly?

Three very important key words: fertilizers, mowing and watering are what specifically make synthetic lawns very eco-friendly.
The average American lawn gulps down a whopping 20,000 gallons of water per year. Lawns that are planted atop sandy soil can be particularly wasteful since they drain more quickly.
Smog-forming emissions from an hour’s worth of gas-powered mowing is equivalent to driving a car 93 miles.
American owns use about 3 million metric tons of synthetic lawn fertilizer every year. The fossil fuel equivalent of a barrel of oil goes into manufacturing 560 pounds of such fertilizer, so our collective lawn habit is costing us more than 11.8 million barrels of oil annually.
We also use 70 million pounds of pesticides and herbicides on our lawns every year.
Grass clippings that are improperly disposed of can end up polluting major waterways.

So not only would you be eco-friendly by switching that real grass out for a synthetic lawn, but you’ll save water, time and money. Free up those weekends and use that money you save to take the wife and kids out to the movies! Try our Sod vs Turf Calculator to see how much money you'll save by switching today!


Just like you, we are caring Californians that are worried about the Drought. We understand that Turf Installation can be costly up-front, so we do our best to provide to you the lowest prices possible. Please note that we provide 2 Different low-interest Financing Programs as registered contractors with HERO, and California First Pace!

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